Firewood Bag Manufacturer Rustenburg North West

Firewood bags. Sak ‘n Pak CC is your one stop manufacturer of fire wood bags.  We design and manufacture firewood bags to every customer‘s specific needs and requirements. Sak ‘n Pak CC has developed new transparent 80GSM polypropylene woven firewood bags, with clear weft and warp tapes.  The bag has a punched out handle which makes it convenient for the end user to carry. These firewood bags replace the old smokey blown film plastic bags.  With the construction of the weave the firewood bags are a lot stronger and do not fire-wood-bags-manufacturer-2 burst open like plastic bags when dropped or handled incorrectly.  This reduces rework and extra handling, both when filling, stacking, and loading at dispatch. Because the bags are woven, it makes it possible to close the firewood bags with a hand held chain stitch sewing machine using nylon thread. Staples can also be used to close off the firewood bags. The construction of the bag makes it virtually impossible to tear open, unlike the smokey plastic firewood bags.

Sak ‘n Pak also manufacture conventional polypropylene bags from 10kg to 1.5Ton for bulk handling of firewood, anthracite, charcoal and briquettes. Company logos and contact details can be printed on the bags up to four colours.

Sak ‘n Pak CC is based in Rustenburg North West, and has been manufacturing polypropylene woven bags since 2003. We offer the following products:



Polypropylene Bags

  • Standard polypropylene bags from 5 to 80 kg
  • Laminated polypropylene bags from 5 to 80 kg
  • Standard polypropylene bags with plastic liners
  • 5,10 and 12.5 kg bags with punch out handles
  • Clear woven polypropylene bags with punch out handle ( Wood )
  • All bags can be printed in one to four colours

Bulk Bags

We design and make Bulk Bags to every client’s specific needs, from ½ ton to 1.5 ton.
We offer the following:

  • Standard polypropylene material, 150 to 200 GSM fire-wood-bags-manufacturer-1
  • Laminated polypropylene material
  • Bags with liners
  • Bottom spout
  • Top spout
  • Duffel top
  • 1- 4 Colour printing
  • All Bulk Bag fabric and webbing is UV stabilized

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